9 Tricks to Sharpen your Racing Game Skills

You are probably familiar with the disappointment of continuously losing in a game. Expertise in one game does not guarantee you a win in all. New PS4 games are different; you have to learn tactics and environment of each game before applying your skills.

Increased innovation levels by developers means the simulators are much more interesting. However, most of the efforts are focused on online competition, which is why you should sharpen your skills on the new PS4 games. You will enjoy the environment and features for the first few sessions then the thrill will be directed at winning.

Here are some tips to ensure you celebrate a win

  1. Practice areas

Most car racing games offer practice areas for warm up and familiarity with the racing course. Unfortunately, most players ignore and jump right into the race. Even if you are a professional, you may not be familiar with all the new games.

Take advantage of the quick racing spaces against time and evaluate your performance. Usually, there are no limits to practice sessions. You can do it as many times as possible before signing up for the first race. Also, practice racing sessions do not affect your statistics and rating. They have nothing to do with your performance levels.

The developers acknowledge the uniqueness in each game hence giving you an opportunity to familiarize with the track to increase your chances of winning. The practice option is available in all the latest games.

  1. Perfect steering control

The first tip to winning in car racing games is steering control. If you are a newbie or intermediary, you need to spend a lot of time on stabilizing your controls. First, you need to learn how to identify the perfect steering sensitivity. The sensitivity level determines control; at high speeds, a slight shift on either side has significant effect. You can easily go off the track thus compromising on all your efforts. In car racing games, every second counts. Once you are off the track, it is almost impossible to recover, especially if you are racing against time.

Do not treat the steering wheel like in the real world in your car. Take advantage of practice sessions available in all new games to establish a stability level. Go at low speeds at the edges of a track and increase the speed gradually to the top speed. Do this repeatedly until you are confident with your control. The steering sensitivity should be highest at this point; you then need to lower the sensitivity at the top speed and practice enough until you have good control.

The variation top and low speed as well as high and low sensitivity ensure you find a comfortable spot for your driving. Players have different capabilities. Find yours before you get on the track. Once you are good with steering control, the rest racing skills will follow. Steering control is a fundamental in all car racing games.



  1. Acceleration and braking

First rule of car racing games, never ride on brakes! The magic in winning any of the latest games is balancing the braking and acceleration. You have to learn the art and be efficient in corners. Yes, the open and slight turns determines the few seconds ahead of your opponents. You do not have to break on every turn; in fact, avoid the brakes in open turns. If you can, accelerate in the slight turns to be ahead of your opponents. The few seconds count in car racing games.

In tight corners, pump your brakes to avoid slowing down your speeds to zero or toppling over because of speed. Pumping helps to reduce the speed slightly while balancing weight of the car as you make the turn. Take advantage of the slight turns and power; the acceleration speed on the slight turns depends on your position on the track and the nature of the race. Just like in regular driving, the best video games require you to make proper judgment.

If you are new in gaming and uncertain when to accelerate and when to release the gas, listen to the opponent engine sounds. You can easily tell when the car is powering and when it is braking. The tips to proper braking and acceleration are available in latest gaming news, especially on YouTube.



  1. Hardware adjustments

The best video games allow you to play with the pedals and wheels. Gaming is much more interesting if you have the hardware at hand and the full HD screen before you. It is the only way to experience all the thrill and magic in car racing games. If you opt for a simulator setup, it is nothing less of fun. All you have to do is make adjustments.

Focus on the pedals and seat distance. Also, the shift and the floor distance as well as pedal sensitivity influences performance. Screen position also determines your experience and performance. Depending on your driving skills and preferences, lower or raise the screen. Now that it is a simulator, you should not be worried of impact when the seat is close to the pedals.

The idea is to be comfortable but also efficient. The seat and pedal distance should be determined by sensitivity of the pedals. Finding the right hardware also increases the chances of winning.

  1. Learn the track

Be conversant with the fine details of a track. There is no option to practicing and familiarizing with a racing track. It helps you to choose a track you will be comfortable and more confident with racing through the sharp bends. Also, you need to know what is coming after the turns; after practicing and going through the track several times, you can make more accurate calculations with regards to acceleration and braking.

Drive like a professional; stick to one track until you are confident and conversant with every detail before you advance or try another.

  1. Online community

Engage other players, especially experienced drivers in the specific track for tips on overcoming the seemingly impossible challenges. You might be missing an important tip to negotiating corners in a track and that is why you fail. Follow up on new gaming news where you will come across numerous forums and social groups with rich information. Most of the forums allow you to post questions about different car racing games. Be sure to post relevant questions and material to avoid getting kicked out or ignored. Let experienced gamers know you are new and interested to learn from their experience. There is more generosity in the forums than you think.

Some games allow you to form teams. If you are new, seek to join teams with professionals. Engaging teammates with experience will gradually build your skills that apply across all car racing games. In most cases, professional teams have gathered information on different challenges on different tracks and race scenarios that guide you in customizing your car.

  1. Learn from mistakes

In the same way you go back to the amazing videos where you performed best to admire the skills, you should also play the bad performances to identify your mistakes and correct. Yes, good performances increase your confidence and boost motivation but that won’t count if you will still make the same mistakes. Car racing games are about avoiding risk areas and possible errors to beat your opponents.

Most probably, you are making mistakes common to all other drivers and if you correct it first, you will certainly outdo them in a race. Watching the bad performances can also be about observing your opponents; their lane choices and acceleration tricks can help you make adjustments in the subsequent races hence high chances of winning. Learn from mistakes!

  1. Driver aids

Car racing games differ in features and aids. Depending on your strengths and weakness, identify proper aids that can help you focus on the track with less distractions and avoid errors. The aids can also help in enhancing specific skills. Dynamic weather features, automatic transmission, and braking assist are some of the most common driver aids in racing video games. Driving aids can help in handling some of the tasks that take away your concentration on the track thus losing the few seconds to an opponent.

  1. Challenge

When nobody is looking, go for the difficult levels for experts and test your skills. You can’t get better in car racing if you stick to the same environment and challenges.


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