3 Best PlayStation 4 Car Games to Buy in 2018

3 Best PlayStation 4 Car Games to Buy in 2018

PlayStation is one of the most popular game consoles with various genres of games available. One of the most popular game genres is car games. With the tremendous amount of car and racing games in PS4, choosing one can be hard. Here are the Best PlayStation 4 2018 Car Games in PS4 to buy in 2018 with various specifications.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

If you are looking for the best racing games for kids, Cars 3: Driven to Win should be on top of the list. The game is adaptation from Cars movie and it also features the characters from the movie. The game has different level of difficulty and makes it suitable for players of all ages. There are six different games modes such are playground mode, battle race, and more.


This game is considered to have the best visuals, tight-control, and also epic sound design. DriveClub is the type of game where it takes you to real-life racing games such as seeing the environment reflection, wet road, and even the blazing engine roar. The game features more than 114 different cars and also around 20 bikes that players can unlock. There will be missions and tasks to achieve when you want to unlock some equipment or items.

Project CARS

Besides DriveClub, Project CARS can be said as the most realistic racing games in PS4 due to the replicate of real life and also intricate development in the environment. There are more than 74 available cars, 30 unique locations, and also more than 110 real racing tracks.

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