Call of Cthulhu: What Can You Expect

Well, Halloween fever passed just a couple of days ago. Prior to that, we expected some horror video games to be released and play them during the party. Call of Cthulhu is one of the game to live up your days.

The trailer is really tempting and the promoted gameplay may make you think this is one of the best horror games. Sadly, we have to tell you reversely.

Let’s start with the gameplay. To be honest, we have difficulties about where the developer wants the game to be. Even it is a horror genre game; you may feel disappointed of the scary scene quality, if you think that is scary.

More often than not, it’s like you play a detective game, where dialogues are too long, spending much time in crime scenes. It’s fine if it is just once or twice in the run. Then, you will act like a hero in RPG, where you have to deal with too many challenges. The graphic offers no better side. The stealth feature has promising strength, but, Call of Cthulhu fails to make the most of it.

The brightest part of the game is the detective, which has major part in the game. The character scenes give a good element for the storyline. You will find that interaction Darkwater citizen is quite fun. You study their stories and digging out the cryptic past. Overall, from 1 – 10, we score this game 6.5. Think twice!

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