Destiny 2 won’t run on Ryzen 3000 PCs; Bungie starts investigating

The number of reports of issues are piling up regarding Destiny 2 to run on a Ryzen 3000 system.

Numerous Destiny 2 players who elevated to a Ryzen 3000 series CPU are stating that the game will not load accurately. The issue not clear which is causing the hiccup, however the worthy news is that Bungie itself is aware of the problem and is observing it closely.

Now Ryzen 3000 series CPUs by AMD came into store shelves just a day past. Given that it has only been yesterday since release, it’s not clear how extensive the problem is with Destiny 2. Though, there’s a growing thread on Reddit related to this issue as well, along with a numerous more on Bungie’s own forums. As of now, I have not seen a single statement from any user claiming to get Destiny 2 to run on the latest Ryzen 3000 setup.

One of the Bungie forum member states that “Upon taking out my new processor and board (Ryzen 5 3600X and Gigabyte Aorus Elite) and putting back my old system (3770K and Z77 Sabertooth) on the same Windows install, Destiny 2 launches without issues. No amount of fiddling will resolve this,”

PrBPickles also says that he has with tried a clean install of Microsoft Windows, alongside applying the most updated drivers and various other troubleshooting measures, but all to avail nothing.

But a reply was made by Bungie rep “Thank you for your report. We have escalated this issue for investigation,”

Viewing at the various grievances, it does not appear to be related to AMD’s latest X570 chipset, as the issue is being stated on both X570 and X470 setups. The hearsays of a compatibility problem are also initiating to pile up on Twitter.

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