Football Manager 2019: The Reigning Champion


Football Manager 2019: The Reigning Champion is a legendary game in football history never loses its touch. In 2018, they have released the latest version with some upgrades to make the players addiction increase. And, they succeeded in doing that, repeatedly.

Football Manager 2019 is a football management simulation latest video game. It is published by Sega developed by Sports Interactive. It was released on 2 November 2018 worldwide for PC, macOS and Nintendo Switch.

More on features

The ultimate change is data base, there’s no doubt about that. So, every season has windows transfer session where the player moved, loaned out, loaned it, or even retired. Some players are also waiting for new wonder kids to shine. Wonder kids are useful to save transfer budget especially when they decide to manage minnow teams. List of expiring contract will be advantageous. Also loaned players will be beneficial for top clubs to get quality player on a free transfer.

Further the latest Football Manager 2019 includes VAR and goal-line technology for league. It also includes cup competitions, based on the real world, like Series A (Italy) and the Bundesliga (Germany).

However, there’s plenty of room for mistakes in every FM version. As the game is made to make the game as real as possible. For examples, misjudging header by center back, unsafe clearance by goalkeepers or even referees fault in making decision will be found in the game. Anyway, nobody’s perfect right?


The VAR inclusion will make you delay your goal celebration. It is possible to see the referee cancels out your goal because there is a foul, likewise a player is in an offside position prior to the goal. We really recommend this game for football lovers as it has incredible attention to detail.

So, do you dare to try the challenge? or read more about best video games here

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