GTA San Andreas: One of the Most Popular Games in the World

We certainly wonder why GTA San Andreas is still one of the most popular games in the whole world, and even its popularity is able to compete with the latest new PC games like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. The Grand Theft Auto game aka GTA is certainly not can be separated from one of the most iconic series, namely San Andreas. The seventh series of the GTA franchise is certainly still the most popular series that is even still widely played by gamers today.


What makes San Andreas so popular?

One of the main advantages of this game is that it can be played on low specs PCs. We can easily play this game on a PC or laptop with mediocre specs. The game takes us to the adventures of CJ and experience one of the best open-world experiences offered by Rockstar. In addition, there are several other advantages that this game has such as:


  • Extensive map

The actual size of the GTA San Andreas map is much smaller than GTA V, but the three islands and cities will give you a great gaming experience. Rockstar itself was cleverly able to incorporate a variety of elements from urban, rural, mountainous, forest, plantation, etc. into a small package. Moreover, GTA San Andreas has more interesting places that you can visit and you can explore the map and find more interesting things there.


  • Good storyline

Many gamers think that GTA San Andreas has a better storyline compared to other GTA versions. Some newer versions of GTA prefer to improve the graphic but override the storyline. San Andreas is made so that gamers can feel the emotions and adrenaline felt by CJ. You will be taken to enjoy each storyline of this game. Some parts of this game do seem boring, but that does not reduce the quality of the existing storyline. This is one of the most addictive games of all time.


  • Attractive features

GTA San Andreas is arguably has a variety of interesting features that can be enjoyed, starting from the characters customization ranging from clothing, haircuts, to body shape. Not to mention you can modify the cars that you own, buy property in various parts of the city, do a variety of other activities such as playing basketball, taking part in the race, and becoming a police officer. San Andreas also even supports a co-op feature where you can play with your friends to explore or just create chaos in the City. San Andreas also has a variety of silly cheats like such as flying cars, cars on water, super blows, can’t die, jetpack, and many other ridiculous cheats that can be easily accessed with a joystick or keyboard.


  • Available on more than one platforms

GTA San Andreas is also released on various other platforms that are easily accessed by gamers. You can play this game on a PC via Steam, Playstation 3, and the Xbox 360. In 2014-2015, Rockstar has released GTA San Andreas for iOS and Android mobile platforms, so yau can play the game on your phones.


  • Often Played by Streamer and YouTubers

One other factor that causes this game is still often played by gamers around the world is the role of streamers and YouTubers who still use this game as their content in their channels. These influencers will get the attention of their subscribers. The subscribers will try anything the influencers do on the game. Please note that YouTube is one of the most influential sites at the moment. This is even more popular than TV. Most gamers on YouTube are not affiliated with GTA San Andreas or other games, but indirectly they have influenced other people to participate in playing what they play; this is what made San Andreas still one of the most popular games to date.


  • Memes

Who doesn’t know memes? Everyone uses memes from famous figures to convey certain messages. The dialog in the game will be made a meme. There are many characters in the game that are used as memes. Each character has their own fans and this is one reason that San Andreas remains popular. Indirectly, the memes participated in popularizing this game. In fact, many teenagers play this game because they like the characters in the memes they use.


  • Multiplayer

The presence of GTA Online in GTA 5 does change the way Rockstar works in treating their games and content. But when Rockstar painstakingly gave their full support for GTA Online, gamers who have limited funds and gaming devices certainly still cannot play the game. This is one of the main factors why San Andreas is still popular around the world; the presence of multiplayer features of GTA San Andreas via SA: MP (San Andreas: Multi Player) and MTA (Multiplayer Theft Auto). These two multiplayer modes are indeed not official multiplayer modes like GTA Online. The users of the two multiplayer modes are growing fast.


  • Mods

Mods is a way to customize a game to become more suitable with the wishes of gamers. As an old school game, many gamers feel that the appearance of the game is boring; they want something that is more fun to watch and more fun to play. Through mods, gamers can change various things in the game according to their wishes. they can change the clothes of the characters in the game according to the typical clothes of a country, they can also add a few things so that the game looks more attractive. Many people don’t complete this game; they just want to modify the game and show what they are doing to their friends. When they can do some interesting changes, other people will try to do the same. Again, they are motivated to “make” a game that suits them, rather than completing the game.



History of GTA from 1997-Present

More than half of gamers must have played or at least installed San Andreas on their computer. As the most successful game in the world, GTA has gone through a series of changes and developments. The game which was first launched in 1997 has at least been updated and launched in several versions. Here is the history of the GTA from 1997 to the present.


  • Grand Theft Auto (1997)

This is the beginning. This is a game that surprised many people. We may have seen a variety of violence and illegal activities in other games before; but it’s never been this great. This game carries the word “gangster” to the next level. With all things that can be done, the character of this game somehow can represent the desire of each person to do a variety of madness in his life; something they can’t do in real life. Everyone is free to do anything in this game. There are no concerns about law and police and we can go crazy all the time. In appearance, the first GTA has a very good graphic compared to similar games in that era.


  • Grand Theft Auto: London

Many people assume that a game with an American cultural background is just an another mainstream game; they want something different, something that has more “characteristics”. The British culture is considered capable of representing this. It is English, but way stronger. Despite having a stronger impression, the fact that the minor changes made by Rockstar in making GTA London failed to make this game more popular. Fans don’t get what they expect. The only difference they see is just a change in settings.


  • Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999) & Vice City (2002)

The GTA 2 and Vice City are considered more successful games than GTA London. Changing graphics in both of these games managed to attract gamers. All elements in both games are able to move more naturally. The 3D graphics technology used in both of these games made GTA 2 and Vice City a part of the world best games of that time.


Many people who think that the game can only be played in high specs computers, but they were wrong. Somehow, Rockstar managed to make both of these games able to be played on medium spec computers. This also puts Rockstar as the gaming company with the highest sales for 3 consecutive years, beating EA Games with its NFS series.


  • Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

Rockstar gave a drastic change to this game. The 3D Universe technology used in this game allows gamers to see everything from a different perspective. This made gaming experience become more interesting yet challenging. Gamers can change the direction of the camera in order to get the right viewing angle, making it easier for them to control the character they play. Gamers can do various things with a very high level of accuracy. Everything becomes more interesting and easier to do. This is one version of GTA which is used as a benchmark in developing the next GTA series.


Almost all aspects in this game are a reference for the next GTA games; starting from the camera angle, visual scheme, and controls, to the gameplay format. This game is set in a place in Liberty City (which is a parody of New York City).


  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

This is the best of the best; the masterpiece of GTA series. This game sold more than 27.5 million copies, the holding record as the best-selling game on PS2, to date. With a more interesting storyline, San Andreas successfully captures gamers around the world. The storyline of the game is the main attraction of this game. Rockstar does not succeed in making a storyline that is better than this game. They can make the appearance of the newest games become hyper-realistic, but they cannot make a storyline that is better than this.


After San Andreas, Rockstar launched Liberty City Stories (2005), Vice City Stories (2006), and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008). Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) is the first GTA on the PS3 and also HD Universe, this game is the game with the 4th highest rating and the best GTA version of GameRankings. It tells the story of Niko Bellic, a man from Eastern Europe who migrated to America to realize his dream of living ‘The American Dream’. A story where illegal immigrants have to fight against the rigors of life in America makes this game get many awards.


The Lost and Damned (2009) is a DLC for GTA IV, this game carries a more dark theme than GTA IV. This tells the life of Johnny Klebitz, a true American biker, with his gang in overcoming internal conflicts in The Lost, a motorcycle gang where he became vice president.


Chinatown Wars (2009) is the last series on PSP and also the only one on DS, this game is quite phenomenal. Located in Liberty City in 2009, this game tells of a Chinese-born gangster named Huang Lee who went to settle in Liberty City to continue his dead father. This game offers a new but somewhat “old” atmosphere. The graphics and gameplay are the same as GTA IV, but with exclusive weapons typical of motorcycle gangs that are only found in this game. The biker lifestyle is also displayed quite nicely, making me want to assemble a large custom motorcycle to drive every day. GTA V, a masterpiece game from Rockstar that can be juxtaposed with GTA San Andreas in his time.


These new PC games sold up to 21.5 million copies. This makes it the best-selling game on the PS3. In fact, sales of GTA V scored several records, one of which was the fastest game with sales reaching 1 billion USD and also the biggest revenue by entertainment products within 24 hours. However, the popularity of the newer GTA series cannot defeat the popularity of San Andreas. San Andreas has been played by millions of gamers around the world for more than a decade.

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