Latest Games to Release this Fall

Lots of new games launch in this fall season and the biggest hit is Madden and Read Dead Redemption 2. Many people looking forward to those 2 games, but there are actually lots of new games going to launch this fall. Expect the last half year with these latest games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel does not only famous for the superhero movies. They also launch a movie-based game such as Spider-Man. This game is an exclusive game launched in PlayStation 4. The main feature of the game is it includes the massive area of New York City with numerous enemies to fight for. The main goal of the game is to recreate the Spider-Man Experience as close as possible.

Shadow of the Tomb Rider

This game is the third game to be launched under the Tomb Raider franchise. In this game, you will be starring as Lara Croft, then wander around the ancient ruins and fight enemies. The ‘shadows’ of Lara Croft appear to be more brutal than in other game series. The game will be launched in Xbox, PlayStation 4, and also PC.

Super Mario Party

Super Mario once became people’s most favorite game all the time. The new Super Mario Party is the latest game by Nintendo Switch. The game features larger board game and also a combination of minigames. Super Mario Party will be launched on October 5 in Nintendo Switch.

There will a lot of games to launch this Fall 2018. Make sure you already have some favorite list of games and be the one to try it out.

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