RDR 2 vs GTA 5: A Deadly Duel

Lets have a review of epic battle between two top computer games ; RDR2 vs GTA5.

When it comes to action-adventure computer games, nothing can beat Grand Theft Auto, at least for now. The game series stays at the top of the list for the biggest first three days sales worldwide.

For your note, GTA got more than $1 billion in the period. For a game considered best in history, it is remarkable.

When Rockstars decided to release the game in October 1997, it has been a favorite one for gamers up to the last release, September 2013. The legendary game retained the throne for a long time. Then, we have Red Dead Redemption 2 which tries to beat them. It has “only” $725 million in the same period. Even with the online version, they have to maximize their potential to catch GTA.

GTA uses three fictional cities, based on New York, Miami and California. It focuses on an open world, where you can select missions to progress an overall story. GTA has no extra features other than upgrading the settings and also develop future city, which take no real city as model. Meanwhile, RDR2 offer NPC (non-player character) communication feature, item degradation, hunting, and fishing.

At present, GTA may still lead the race, but, they have to be very cautious as RDR 2 tails them closely. In the long run, they can be dethroned by RDR 2. In short, it is a battle between two of most popular computer games on the world. Have your say in the comment section.

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