Sony to Launch PlayStation Classic

Finding the latest game is not a big deal, but even though things get so sophisticated, people still look for some classic piece. Two years ago, Nintendo brought the NES Classic which is a classic type of miniature console. After the release, gaming enthusiasts have been asking for both Sony and Sega to release their retro mini console. These two gaming companies have a long history in the console business and affect gamers’ life in many parts.

September 19 has become the most historical time of the year as Sony finally come to release the PlayStation Classic. According to the latest game news, the classic game console featured 20 classic games from the very 1st collection of PlayStation library. However, the classic PlayStation console will be available in stores on December 3rd for $99.99 only. Considering the numerous game types, the PlayStation should be such a steal.

Speaking of the 20 games in the classic game console, there are some best games from the PS1 console generation to expect. There are games such as Wild Arms, Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash, and many more.

Besides the classic games, a most important thing of this classic console reborn is that PlayStation includes an ultra-cute miniature of PS1 complete with all details similar to the original. To be able to play the game, you can just play it in the couch like 20 years ago because they do include the PS1 controllers in the package.

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