“The Avengers” coming to Fortnite ?

Yes you read this right. An event called “Avengers crossover” will be in Fortnite in its 9th season.

It is also bringing some major map changes, more creative mode tools, new skins and three more month of begging epic to make team rumble a constant part of the game. A new season on the vista, which means it’s also time for few weeks of in-game teases and events. So as we crawl towards Fortnite Season 9’s release date, we’ll be following the evolution of in-game events and gathering all the details here, all the while dashing in a bit of strong speculation.


When Fortnite Season 9 will start?

With just a bunch of weeks remaining in Season 8’s weekly challenge schedule, Fortnite Season 9 is potentially starting on May 9 at the most primitive. Epic has extended seasons for weeks at a time in past, so this is not a hard release date for season 9.

While the Fortnite World Cup trespassing, It will not be a surprise if Epic fixed the schedule to better accommodate a busy reasonable lineup.


What will be the cost of Fortnite Season 9 battle pass?

Expect around $10 or the usual 950 V-Bucks.


Expectation for map changes?

Previous Season i.e season 7 and Season 8 bring the map some thematic and geometric symmetry with its icy peaks and blazing volcano, you should expect some action at the center or southeast quadrant. Some early theories suggest Dusty Divot will fill in with magma. I believe it, though I’m expecting superior changes at Salty Springs, which has remained relatively untouched for Fortnite’s epoch.

Excavators dug up a huge vault at Loot Lake, and now strange runes analogous with the door are floating from place to place the map, and players are pushing them to an unknown destination. Jointly, if players do sufficient damage to these runes, they’ll inch forward. Finishing them all off will likely start off the next stage of the in-game events teasing and leading up to the Fortnite’s Season 9.





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